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Respite and Short Breaks in Perth

At present we do not have accommodation that is dedicated to providing respite care.  For this reason we are unable to offer planned respite care into the future.  The only respite care that currently can be offered is where in the short term a room becomes available.

If you are considering respite or a short break with us you will be invited to visit Kincarrathie House to have an informal chat with our management staff and see round the house. We will ensure that you are given the advice and support, which reflects your own situation and needs.

You will be given our brochure pack, which gives detailed information about Kincarrathie House. Your room will be a single en-suite with shower. We will provide you with a television and a welcome brochure.

Visiting is very flexible and your friends and relatives will be offered tea or coffee. They are also welcome to dine with you but we ask that you give us prior notice of this and a nominal charge will be made.

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the house. We ask that you bring prescribed medicine only with you and inform us if you wish to bring alcohol.

Your own GP, if local, will be contacted if you require a doctor. Social Work may be able to assist you with the cost of your respite stay. We will inform you how to contact their staff.

You will be asked to sign a respite contract agreement at the start of your stay.

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